James Carville: It Should Be Legal To Punch 'Piece of S***' Unvaxxed People In the Face

Brittany M. Hughes | February 8, 2022

In an unhinged tirade proving that liberal “compassion” and “inclusion” are merely smokescreens for passing bad legislation, Democrat strategist James Carville says he thinks it should be legal to punch “piece of sh*t” unvaccinated people “in the g*d****ed face.”

Speaking with co-host Al Hunt on their podcast, "Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt," on Thursday, the pair discussed whether President Joe Biden should ban unvaccinated people from traveling between states, a measure Hunt said he’d support even though it’s likely unconstitutional.

"I wouldn’t be against that at all,” said Hunt. “I’d be for it actually, as long as you put ‘or testing.’ Before you get on a plane or bus or interstate train, you want to be vaccinated or tested. I don’t think the Supreme Court would allow [Biden] to do that.”

"I don’t either," Carville replied.

"I wish what they’d do is pass a law to make you immune from liability if you punch some unvaccinated person right in the face, which I’d really like to do. If you ask me what’s my first reaction to you if you’re not vaccinated, you don’t have any medical reason not to be, you’re a piece of s***, OK? I just want to punch you in the g*d****ed face. That’s the way I look at these people," he went on.

"Agreed," Hunt answered.

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)