It's Putin's Fault, Right?! All Grades of Gas Up Over 10 Cents Each Over Last Week

Nick Kangadis | October 10, 2022
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Uh oh, gas prices are going back up and no one’s talking about it. I wonder why that is? There must be something relatively important going on in the next month or so. But, don’t worry. It’s probably just Russian President/Dictator Vladimir Putin’s fault, right? I mean, that’s what we’re told ad nauseam now whenever anything could possibly make the establishment look bad, right? Is Putin a world class jerk? Most likely. But is he really responsible for ALL the world’s ills, particularly in the U.S.? Probably not.

Well, if you haven’t been paying attention while not being able to charge your $60,000+ electric vehicle, gas has been going back up over the past few weeks, but has really picked up steam in the last two weeks or so.

According to AAA, the national average gas price for a gallon of regular grade gas has gone up 12 cents in one week, from $3.799/gal. to where it currently stands at $3.919/gal. This is a dramatic escalation in price averages considering the price a month ago was only seven cents cheaper ($3.724/gal.).


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The last time I reported on the national average for all grades of gas was on September 27, and only the price of diesel fuel saw a slight decrease while all other grades began their return to the astronomical stratosphere that President Joe Biden blamed on Putin. Of course, those in the Biden regime did so in order to say that they were combatting Putin when prices went down.

In typical Marxist fashion, the Biden regime blamed everyone and everything else but their own actions for their failures while accepting credit for perceived successes.

However, this time around, even the national average price of diesel fuel has seen an increase — and actually at a much more rapid rate. The national average price of a single gallon of diesel fuel now sits at $5.064, up nearly 20 cents from just a week ago when it was $4.870/gal.

Ethanol, which is terrible for most vehicles, is the only grade of fuel that can say it saw a decrease in price, but only from Sunday to Monday ($3.226 to $3.225). To be fair, ethanol — or E85 — is up on average nearly 13 cents from a week ago when it was at $3.097/gal.

There will most likely be an avoidance of this topic over the next few weeks, but not here at MRCTV. What you need to know, and what’s important to your daily life, takes precedence over what establishment outlets and politicians want you to know.


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