‘It’s Long Overdue’ – Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick ‘Thankful’ State Is Reopening

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“I’m thankful that we are now finally beginning to open up Texas and other states because it’s long overdue,” Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Monday. 

Patrick made the comments during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

“They told us Tucker to follow the science. Well, what science? At the end of January, Dr. Fauci, who I have great respect for, said this wasn’t a big issue. Three weeks later, we’re going to lose two million people. Another few weeks later, it was 100,000 to 200,000. Now it’s under 60,000. And we’ve had the wrong numbers. The wrong science. And I don’t blame them, but let’s face reality of where we are,” Patrick said.

“In Texas we have 29 million people, we’ve lost 495. Every life is valuable - but 500 people out of 29 million, and we’re locked down, and we’re crushing the average worker. We’re crushing small business. We’re crushing the markets. We’re crushing this country”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott opened state parks on Monday of this week. On April 22, restrictions on surgeries and other medical procedures will be lifted. And on April 24, retail stores will open with curbside pickup like restaurants have done. 

Abbott has said on April 27, there will be more announcements about more businesses opening.

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