It Was All An Act – Milano Admits Pro-Abortion Sex Strike ‘Never Legitimate’


Alyssa Milano’s campaign for American women to stop having sex until more babies could be killed in Georgia was just an act. She’s not abstaining anymore.

“I only meant a little sex strike,” Milano says in the headline of a Times UK piece published Sunday.

Milano famously went on a media campaign advocating women to abstain from sex with straight men until the Georgia “Heartbeat Bill” protecting babies older than 6 weeks from being aborted was repealed. The heartbeat bill is still in place. Milano's dedication to her cause is not.

According to the TimesUK:

We meet in Manhattan’s Greenwich Hotel a month after she swore off sex. Is she still abstaining? Has her husband noticed? Is she missing it yet?

‘The sex strike was never supposed to be legitimate . . . It was more to raise awareness,’ Milano says sternly.

She seemed serious when she proposed it. ‘A #SexStrike is a way to target straight, cisgender men so they may feel the physical consequences of our reproductive rights being systematically eliminated,’ she wrote in an opinion piece.

Despite multiple media appearances, published op-eds and Twitter posts, it seems that Milano’s call to action “was never supposed to be legitimate.”  

Just like the rest of her thoughts and opinions.

Typical of a leftist Hollywood celebrity to issue what they see as a “threat’” and then not deliver when things don’t go their way. Remember when so many celebrities were leaving the US if Donald Trump was elected president?

Sadly, those threats weren’t “legitimate” either.

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