Isn't that Special? Media Cozies Up to Chinese Communist Party on 100th Anniversary

Libby | July 1, 2021
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As the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) comes Thursday, the legacy media has taken up the cross of appeasing and kissing up to the authoritarian regime.

Instead of using this as a day of remembrance of the centennial marred by gross violations of human rights and dignity, total destruction, and mass murder, outlets like CNN, ABC, and Bloomberg have glossed over the horror to positively frame the regime.

The death toll under Mao Zedong is estimated to be about 80 million people, according to The Washington Post, making Mao the deadliest dictator in history.

Despite the 80 million deaths and more with the current Chinese concentration camps, Bloomberg posted a video to Twitter detailing the “thriving alternative” that China’s authoritarian regime is providing against “Western failures.”

Bloomberg also shared an article analyzing President Xi Jinping’s speech, portraying the CCP leader in a positive light while saying he “wanted to promote peace in the world.”

CNN joined in cozying up to the CCP, calling Xi the “real star” of the centenary and “arguably the country’s most powerful leader since Mao.”

The rest of the article is laden with compliments of the Chinese government, with only one brief paragraph noting the horrific and genocidal history of the repressive CCP.

ABC also made sure to positively depict the authoritarian regime in a tweet picturing the celebration show while ignoring both current and past violations of human rights.

In response to all of these instances, users on twitter have started responding with a picture of the Uyghur peoples in the CCP internment camps as a reminder of what their government is currently responsible for.


One hundred years after the deadly party came into existence, several legacy media outlets have taken the opportunity to indicate either sympathy or support for the CCP and completely dismiss both their past and present genocidal atrocities.