This Isn’t About Statues, It’s About the Left’s Need To Be Offended

Brittany M. Hughes | August 18, 2017
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Before the final tiki torch had flamed out in Charlottesville last weekend, left-wing activists were already demanding the removal of all our nation’s Confederate statues and memorials. Protesters toppled a monument of a Confederate soldier in Durham. Baltimore spinelessly took down its Confederate statues by the dark of night on Tuesday.

So let’s say that we do. Let’s say we tear down all the Confederate statues and gravestones and flags. All gone. What next? Are we going to tear down the White House? I mean, that was built and staffed by slaves for years. A pastor in Chicago is already demanding the city rename its George Washington park because Washington owned slaves.

See, it will never be good enough. Because the truth is, this isn’t actually about Confederate statues. It's about the left's perpetual need to be offended.