Islamic Compound Suspects Who Trained Children to Shoot Up Schools Released on $20K Bond

Nick Kangadis | August 15, 2018
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If people want to talk about “injustice,” they should take a look and talk about what’s currently happening in New Mexico.

Because apparently, you can help run a terrorist training camp, radicalize kids, and still not have to wait in jail until your trial — even if your camp was training children to shoot up schools.

The judge presiding over the case of the five suspects charged with child abuse and allegations of training the children to be school terrorists released all five on $20,000 bond each on Monday.

“In Court, the burden was on the prosecution to prove its case and it did not do so," Judge Sarah Backus said in her written order. "For that reason, the Court has denied the motion for detention without bond.”

Why this story isn’t front page news everywhere is beyond me. But no, let’s focus on Omarosa.

According to ABC News:

The suspects -- two men and three women -- were arrested last week at a makeshift compound in Amalia, New Mexico, where authorities rescued 11 emaciated children living in filthy conditions with very little food and no clean water, according to police.

Judge Sarah Backus ordered the suspects -- Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, Lucas Morton, 40, Jany Leveille, 35, Hujrah Wahhaj, 37, and Subhannah Wahhaj, 35 -- released on $20,000 bond each on Monday evening and ordered them to wear ankle monitors until trial, the Taos County Sheriff's Office announced.

From all accounts of the what the camp looked like, these people were living, and forcing children to live, in squalid conditions. Things were so bad at this Islamic terrorist compound that the remains of the boy, believed to be the child of the suspect that kidnapped his own son, “could take weeks to verify.”

KOAT Action News in Albuquerque reported that a prosecutor in the in the case said that the child “died during one of the these religious rituals.”

“The body was washed multiple times, wrapped in sheets, the body was eventually moved to one of the sections inside the tunnel,” the prosecutor said.

ABC News also reported:

The order does outline 12 strict conditions for their release, including weekly contact with their attorneys, adding that the suspects must also cooperate with the New Mexico Children Youth and Families Division (CYFD), where the children are being held in protective custody. They will remain under house arrest, have ankle-monitoring bracelets, may not possess drugs or weapons, and must not visit the compound[…]

Investigators found the malnourished children, ages 1 to 15, barefoot and wearing "rags for clothing," according to a complaint. Authorities recovered the buried remains of a young boy during a subsequent search of the compound on Aug. 9.

So, there are restrictions on the suspects, but they still have the option of awaiting trial for their heinous abuse of children and terroristic training tendencies outside of jail.

Pictures of the compound — which can be seen through the link to the ABC story — are nothing short of Third-world conditions. Nothing else I can say about this currently except, this is absolutely disgusting. Guantanamo, anyone?