ISIS Claims Responsibility for Dual Suicide Bombings in Kabul: Nine Journalists, Four Police Among Those Killed

Nick Kangadis | April 30, 2018
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For those thinking that the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group was all but done for, think again.

In tragic news — according to Afghanistan’s health ministry — 25 people have been murdered and “at least” 45 others were wounded during a pair suicide bombings in the Afghan capital of Kabul Monday morning. ISIS claimed responsibility for the twin attacks.

Yet another suicide blast took place in Kandahar mere hours after the Kabul attacks, claiming another 11 lives.

The deadly blasts resulted in the passing of four police officers and nine journalists.

According to the Mercury News:

The attack was the latest in a relentless string of deadly large-scale bombings and assaults that have struck Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan so far this year. And even as the Afghan capital reeled from Monday’s assault, a suicide car bombing a few hours later in the southern province of Kandahar killed 11 children, a police spokesman said. Eight Romanian NATO soldiers were wounded in that bombing.

In a statement posted on an IS-affiliated website, the Islamic State group said two of its martyrdom seekers carried out the Kabul bombings, targeting the headquarters of the “renegade” Afghan intelligence services.

What’s even more sick is that the second of suicide bombs that went off in Kabul was meant to target the journalists.

Kabul police spokesman Hashmat Stanekzai said that “the second attack was on foot, in a crowd of reporters rushing to the site of the first attack, pretending to be one of the media.” Once the bomber grew the stones to try and make himself a pretend martyr, the bomber blew himself up while among the journalists.


Between the attacks on Kabul and Kandahar, 36 people were killed: 11 children, nine journalists and four police officers were among the dead.

All of this comes a little more than a week after at least 57 people were murdered with at least another 119 people injured in Kabul during attacks while trying to register to vote. ISIS claimed responsibility in that attack as well.

Journalists, police, children and prospective voters. Cowards like those in ISIS kill innocent people in order to keep control over others. Freedom isn’t in a coward’s vocabulary. It’s more difficult to control people who have at least some semblance of freedom.