'ISIS Bride' Loses First Legal Battle As She Seeks Re-Admittance Into the U.S.

Ferlon Webster Jr. | March 6, 2019
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Former Alabama resident, Hoda Muthana, better known as the “ISIS bride,” lost her first legal battle as she tries to get back into the U.S. after fleeing the country to become a member of the terrorist organization. 

Muthana’s lawyers attempted to convince a federal judge that her case should be heard on an “emergency basis” but the judge denied that request. The denial means that she will remain in a refugee camp in Syria with her 18-month-old son, according to The Washington Times.  

While Muthana’s case will not be heard on an “emergency basis,” the judge did believe her lawyers made a “valid argument” for her right to U.S. citizenship. The 24-year-old claims she didn’t renounce her citizenship when she left the country to join ISIS but the U.S. says she never had a U.S. citizenship to begin with, stating her father was not a citizen but a Yemeni diplomat at the time of Muthana’s birth in New Jersey. 

As The Daily Wire reports:

…the children of diplomats inherit the citizenship of their parents, not the citizenship of the country in which they reside.

Muthana has expressed regret for joining the Islamic State in Syria saying she is prepared to receive punishment for what she’s done. Her suggestions of punishment were “therapy lessons” or a “process that will ensure us that we’ll never do this again” and she plans to “speak against” the terrorist group.

But President Trump has understandably not been sympathetic to the former ISIS supporter’s wishes. Late last month the president tweeted he instructed Mike Pompeo to not allow the “ISIS bride” back into the country.

Looks like Muthana will have to learn that there are consequences to our actions and those consequences don’t just disappear even when we “apologize” for our wrongdoing. Leaving the U.S. to join a terrorist group and then asking to come back, I mean, come on.