IRONY: Elizabeth Warren Says She Has 'Zero' Sympathy For Parents Who Cheat to Get Their Kids Into College

Brittany M. Hughes | March 13, 2019
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In a glorious display of irony and total lack of self-awareness, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren told MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski she has "zero" sympathy for parents who're caught up in a newly revealed scandal involving cheating on the SATs and paying off administrators to get their kids into elite colleges.

"As a parent, how much sympathy would you have for the parents who are embroiled in this alleged cheating scandal?" Brzezinski asked.

"Zero," Warren responded.

Now, we're probably all in agreement that paying someone else to take your kid's SATs or bribing college coaches into listing the as an athlete to gain entrance into Yale isn't really on the up-and-up.

However, being as I didn't just fall off the watermelon truck yesterday, I'm old enough to remember when Warren herself was caught openly lying about her own ethnicity on her applications to both Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania, marking herself as "Native American" even though she's about as white as printer paper. In fact, Harvard even had her listed among their "minority" faculty members thanks to Warren's own false self-labeling, even though, as the Boston Herald correctly notes, such listings with the Department of Labor "rely on a definition of “Native American’’ that requires both ancestry and an official affiliation with a tribe or community."

Which, obviously, Warren is not.

Twitter was pretty quick to point out the irony of Warren's condemning parents who cheat to get their kids into college, when she's apparently fine with cheating to get onto their faculty rolls.

Maybe Warren should stick with popping beers on Instagram, as opening her word-hole never really seems to work out.

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