Irish Rugby League Bans Transgenders From Joining Women's Teams

John Simmons | August 11, 2022
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American sports leagues need to follow the example set by the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) with regards to how to handle transgender female athletes who want to invade women’s sports.

The IRFU issued a statement saying that it will ban transgender athletes from playing in any league competitions moving forward. It grudgingly admitted that research shows there are strong and undeniable differences between people that are born male and people that are born female, and that they are “retained even after testosterone suppression” (even though anyone not blinded by ignorance could tell you that without the science).

The move comes just two days after a transgendered female helped his team win a female league by a ridiculous margin. Giulia Valentino, a man who plays for Na Gaeil Aeracha and is pretending to be a woman, helped his team win the Dublin Junior J Shield final over Na Fianna by an eight-score margin. While the IRFU did not specifically say this incident caused them to do a little self reflection, the timing is suggestive.

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“The IRFU is committed to inclusivity and has worked with the players and other groups in the LGBT+ community to explain that this change is based solely on new research related to safety,” said Spirit of Rugby Manager Anne Marie Hughes. “This is a particularly sensitive area, and it is important that respect is shown to all members of our rugby family and the wider community.”

The move by the IRFU lines up with the policy example set up International Rugby League’s policy (IRL) enacted in June, which prevents transgenders from competing in international events and tournaments. 

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