Iran’s Supreme Leader Says He Won't Honor Deal Unless U.S. Makes Changes


In the United States, President Obama is trying to convince America to take the leap of faith that Iran will comply with the terms of the P5+1 deal, despite the fact that none of the rogue regime's military sites will be inspected under the terms of the deal.  Across the world in Iran, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is still calling for the death of the great Satan (the U.S.) and the little Satan (Israel), and has added that the U.S. must change part of the deal or Iran will not honor its provisions.

When one reads through the deal as laid out in U.N. Resolution 2231, each time it mentions sanctions, it says those sanctions are to be terminated, for example:

"The UN Security Council resolution endorsing this JCPOA will terminate all provisions of previous UN Security Council resolutions on the Iranian nuclear issue "

The only exception is when it talks about sanctions imposed by the United States; those sanctions will not be terminated, only cease to be applied:

The United States will cease the application, and will continue to do so, in accordance with this JCPOA of the sanctions specified in Annex II to take effect simultaneously with the IAEA verified implementation of the agreed nuclear related measures by Iran as specified in Annex V.

Apparently, this provision has upset the Supreme Leader. In a televised September 3rd speech to Iran's Assembly of Experts, the tyrant said, with regard to the nuclear deal, that the U.S. must lift the sanctions and not merely suspend them or Iran will stop implementing the deal (see video below).

Another thing is that the [Americans] say that those sanctions that are supposed to be lifted will [merely] be suspended. That's not the case. It's clear that the economic sanctions must be lifted. We wanted this to happen immediately. "Immediately" was interpreted in a certain way. I didn't say anything. It was fine. Our people interpreted "immediately," and said that it should be done in a certain way, and I did not object. Ultimately, however, the sanctions must be lifted. A freeze or suspension of the sanctions is unacceptable to us. If they [merely] suspend the sanctions, we will also [merely] suspend [our obligations]. If this is the case, why should we take the initiative and implement them? True, they said that lifting some of the sanctions was not up to the U.S. administration, with which we were holding talks. To this, we said that we would take legal measures to resolve the matter. But the sanctions that are up to the U.S. administration, and the European governments, must be lifted completely. 

Not only is Khamenei backtracking from the agreement, but he is also adding a demand that would require reconvening of the P5+1 negotiations, gaining approval and resubmitting the amended deal to the U.N. Even worse, by agreeing to these demands, the U.S. would be eliminating one of the few remaining "snap back" provisions of the deal, by restarting the application of sanctions.  As far as the rest of the "snap back," the president has assured potential Iran business partners outside the U.S. that, if they begin to operate in Iran and it violates the deal, they will be allowed to keep operating without penalty.

The Supreme Leader is not an idiot - he has to know that he is making a near-impossible demand. Perhaps, now that it looks as if Congress will not be able to overturn the deal, he is trying to sabotage it. Or, seeing how many times Obama has surrendered during the course of the negotiations, Khamenei may want to force the negotiations to be reopened so he can extract a few more concessions.



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