Iowa Students Perform 'Insurrection' of State Capitol After Walking Out of Schools in Protest of Possibly Not Being Able to Mutilate Themselves

Nick Kangadis | March 2, 2023
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“Generation Z” might be the most brainwashed, indoctrinated generation in U.S. history. Why? Public schools have gone from indoctrination centers to open grooming centers in order to pervert the youth by administrators that should probably have to register when they move. Imagine being upset that you or, if you’re older, young students couldn’t mutilate their bodies because of a mental illness that tells them they’re someone else.

Well, students in Iowa walked out of school on Wednesday afternoon to display outrage that their groomers — I mean, teachers — probably told them they should be angry about.

Apparently, educators and their subjects — I mean, students — gathered from “47 schools across Iowa” to protest “legislation aimed at tightening school policies and state law regarding gender identity, sexual orientation, gender-affirming care and equity, diversity and inclusion,” according to the Des Moines Register.

Essentially, in non-woke terms, they’re upset they might not be able to practice Marxist eugenics and social engineering.

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But, if that weren’t enough — and if we’re going by the establishment media’s definition of the word — students and educators engaged in an “insurrection” of the Iowa State Capitol building the same day so they could prove to lawmakers that they knew how to pronounce the words “gay” and “trans.”

Of course, the left loves this, because it allows them to show that their efforts to implement population control in the form of grooming kids into eventually not having children — in one way or another — are working.

Maybe this is why kids in the U.S. are failing at the basic subjects in school, because they’re too busy having their teachers indoctrinate them with how they should handle social issues — as socially inept as possible.


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