Investigation Ties Fauci's Agency To Experiments That Graft Aborted Baby Parts To Rodents

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 5, 2021

The dark storm clouds of unconstitutional, immoral government involvement in “science funding” and its concomitant political manipulation have been around for a long time – and so has Anthony Fauci as the head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). But now, a new claim has erupted from that cloud mass like a lightning bolt. Please beware, the following is unsettling - and, if true, it's funded by your tax dollars.

As Doug Mainwaring reported on May 3, for LifeSiteNews:

A shocking new video report reveals that the University of Pittsburgh is a major hub for the trafficking of and experimentation on aborted baby organs and body parts. The report links the funding for the university’s operation to a large grant from U.S. COVID-19 guru Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NAIAD office at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Indeed, the information is shocking, and Mainwaring offers background, prior to going into the revelatory details:

Produced by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the 6-minute video was released in conjunction with pro-life hero and CMP founder David Daleiden’s testimony before Pennsylvania’s State House of Representatives exposing government-sponsored grotesque experimentation using aborted baby parts at the University of Pittsburgh (U of Pitt), scheduled for later today.

And because LifeSiteNews has been digging into this for months, Mainwaring refers to some of their previous reporting:

In December, LifeSite reported that the University of Pittsburgh has been conducting medical research by grafting scalps from aborted babies onto rodents.

What Mainwaring's referring to is research by Stacy A. Trasancos, Executive Director of Bishop Joseph Strickland’s St. Philip Institute of Catechesis and Evangelization in the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. After her exhaustive investigation, Trasancos’s work was included in a report from the National Catholic Register covering the vile ways that aborted children are allegedly being used for scientific research at major U.S. universities and hospitals – and she tweeted:

Aborted baby scalps grafted onto mice. Their organs transplanted. Humanized mice developed at the University of Pittsburgh, all to study the immune system. Supported by Dr. Fauci’s NIAID. Paid for by us.

Trasancos’s tweet also showed what she claims is photographic proof of the grisly and ghoulish government-funded experimentation.

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And Mainwaring’s report offers more, citing the video work of CMP. Again, please beware. It is horrific.

‘The University of Pittsburgh is a hub for some of the most barbaric experiments carried out on late term aborted human infants — experiments funded by the United States government,’ explains the narrator. ‘At the same time, the University sponsors the local Planned Parenthood abortion business in what looks like an illegal quid-pro-quo for fetal body parts.’

The video shows a photo from a protocol developed by another University of Pittsburgh scientist “for harvesting the freshest, most pristine livers from five month-old aborted babies in order to isolate massive numbers of stem cells for experimental transplantation into adults.

And, notes Mainwaring, in the video:

You can see the premature baby, aborted alive via ‘labor induction,’” continues the description. “Under surgical drapes, with the umbilical cord off to one side as the baby is cut open to harvest the liver.”

This, this is the result of collectivist, government-run “science,” implicating all taxpayers even as it makes it difficult for taxpayers to know what is happening, even as its propagandists depict the activity is “helpful for public health.

Mainwaring continues:

The U of Pitt scientist who developed this experiment received nearly $3 million from NIH.

The video also notes that U of Pitt has benefitted from a multi-year, $1.4 million grant from NIH’s GUDMAP project, establishing the university as a major distribution hub for aborted fetal kidneys and other fetal body parts for NIH-funded projects across the country.

And this is not a new phenomenon. The Nazi-like experimentation conducted on babies has reportedly gone on a long time.

The CMP video recounts the University of Pittsburgh’s long history of fetal experimentation, ‘sometimes on babies delivered alive during later abortions.’

The video includes archival footage from unethical experiments filmed in the 1950s by the U of Pitt’s Dr. Davenport Hooker, who tested the reflexes of born-alive babies until they died.


Taxpayer-subsidized experiments performed human parts harvested from aborted babies aren't new, and they aren't a secret. using Ethics and morality demand that Americans of good conscience find out about this, validate the truth, tell others, act to stop it, and act to disconnect themselves not only from the murderous, thieving government machine that makes human life part of its grinding gears, but to disconnect from as many so-called “private” industries that benefit from the agency of the state and its death-cultists.