Introducing MORE: ACORN Reborn in Missouri

Joe Schoffstall | March 25, 2011
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In 2009, James O' Keefe and Hannah Giles released an undercover video investigation showing ACORN (The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) employees giving the 'couple', dressed as a pimp and prostitute, guidance on tax evasion, child prostitution and human smuggling. The result: the Census Bureau immediately cut its ties-- as they were scheduled to help conduct the 2010 Census-- and Congress cut funding from the Housing and Urban Development Department. Ultimately,  they were forced to shut down. Many speculated ACORN would simply start up other organizations and conduct the same business under different names. Now, in Missouri, MORE ( Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment) is one such group. Reboot Congress has the scoop:

MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment) and other leftists held meetings in 2010 to plan their strategy for squatting on properties in the St. Louis area. The video above introduces some of their leaders. A future video will outline MORE's longterm strategy to acquire residential property through extralegal means like squatting.
Take a look at the video:

They continue:

Who or what is MORE, you may be wondering. When ACORN was put out of business, the local chapters re-branded themselves. St. Louis's ACORN chapter became MORE. Even after the re-branding MORE still has ties to communist organizations.

They've sponsored bank protests at Chase Bank and Bank of America. They recently stormed an event at St. Louis University. Their efforts to acquire property through squatting and "urban homesteading" are just another page out of the radical left's play book.