Internet 'Rumble': Trump Moves His Media to Alternative Media Site

Nick Kangadis | June 28, 2021
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Big Tech platform YouTube looks to be getting some competition. Hopefully, the other Big Tech entities don’t all gang up and squash their competitor’s momentum like they did with Parler.

Video posting platform Rumble has a new user that will absolutely increase its user-count with former President Donald Trump’s new channel/account.

The channel, simply named “Donald J. Trump,” was verified and posted a single video on Rumble this past Saturday. As of this writing, the video already has over 822,000 views, which is great for a new channel on the growing platform.

The video posted was of a Trump rally held in Wellington, Ohio on Saturday.

Here’s the video:


For those who are thinking of signing for a Rumble account, click here.

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