Instagram Blocks '#Naturalimmunity'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 21, 2021
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Since there’s nothing quite like being able to communicate with others the way you wish, the grand minds behind Instagram (those minds being, in the end, the minds behind Facebook) have decided to prohibit the hashtag “#Naturalimmunity” from being seen on their site.

James Hockaday reports for Metro, of the UK:

Instagram is under fire for stopping its users from using the #naturalimmunity hashtag on its platform.

The social media giant has been accused of ‘making it up as they go along’ in an attempt to prevent the spread of misinformation on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Which also is an accusation many critics have leveled at numerous federal and state politicians, as those tax-fed figures repeatedly have changed their “advisories,” “rules,” “mandates,” and so-called “justifications” for them over the past nineteen months – and often have flouted their own mandates.

And, as it is with the big-government politicians, the Instagram overlords don’t like people debating vaccinations – at all.

In 2019, the platform said it would begin hiding search results for hashtags that consistently return misinformation aiming to dissuade people from getting vaccinated.

Perhaps folks could remind Facebook/Instagram that information dissuading people from “getting vaccinated” might NOT be misinformation.

Here's the logical reason.

Since the FDA gave “emergency use” permission for a number of mRNA jabs in December of last year, people began taking the jabs before all the normal testing for full use was complete.

As a matter of the scientific method, this means that those who took the jabs were engaged as test subjects in a giant experiment, and data gathered from those people must be gathered for a number of years before one actually has a solid picture of the any risks.

This means that all anecdotes – every single one – are data. Every story – positive or negative – is a datum being collected, and none of it can be called “misinformation” because, by definition, there has been no long-term collection and assessment of this data. Each story must be admitted and assessed.

The historical fact is that naturally acquired immunity from exposure to a viral pathogen has been proven to last far longer than the so-called “immunity” a vaccine provides. This is why models of “herd immunity” traditionally are based on naturally acquired immunity, not the varying (and sometimes fraudulent) claims of conferred immunity offered by man-made vaccines.

Long-term T-cell and B-cell antibody strength are achieved through natural means, not vaccination. Even the NIH has acknowledged this being the case with recovery from the flu-like COVID19:

This long-term immune protection involves several components. Antibodies—proteins that circulate in the blood—recognize foreign substances like viruses and neutralize them. Different types of T cells help recognize and kill pathogens. B cells make new antibodies when the body needs them.

That’s called #NaturalImmunity, oh, great minds at Instagram...

Yet, they, and others, claim the power to censor, to say that black is white and white is black, and to label real info as “misinfo.”

Perhaps, we can ask the folks at Instagram to simply allow debate.

It’s how each of us arrives at our own conclusions, for our own lives, without being told by fallible people in government that they know it all and we must comply.


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