Insanity: Leftists Blast Media For 'Misgendering' the Nashville School Shooter

Brittany M. Hughes | March 28, 2023
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Sure, the crazy transgender person who barged into a Nashville school Monday morning and started shooting may have killed three small children and three more innocent adults during her deadly rampage, but the real tragedy here is that no one is acknowledging her imaginary penis, and is instead "misgendering" her in the news and on social media.

Said no sane person ever.

Then again, no one can accuse rabid leftists of having any shred of common sense or basic decency. It took about four seconds after reports broke that the Covington School shooter was a biological female who thought she was a man and went by male pronouns before gender-obsessed ideologues lit up social media in furor over the media reporting the shooter was a woman. Which, in all fairness to anyone who cares about facts and science, she was - but we're supposed to ignore that and respect her "identity," even as the bodies of her 9-year-old victims lay cold in a hospital morgue.

And so, here we are.

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Even the New York Times issued a kinda-sorta “correction” to their earlier reporting (though interestingly, they also refused to use the shooter's "preferred" pronouns throughout their piece, instead sticking with gender-neural language and proper names).

USA Today, however, went whole-hog in favor of gender "identity."

Taking a slightly more sinister angle, Newsweek tacitly blamed the shooting on local laws against castrating and exposing oneself to children, which is somehow less dangerous than law-abiding Americans owning firearms.

So since we seem to be struggling in this department as a society, here are a few basic facts.

The Nashville school shooter, whose name isn't worth mentioning, was a woman, regardless of what name she went by or what pronouns she slapped in her bio.

I say “was” because she’s dead, killed by the cops after massacring innocent 9-year-old children in a classroom.

And if “misgendering” her causes her rotting corpse to spin in its grave, all the better.