Inflation Jumps to 8.3% As Gas Decrease Fails to Offset Price Hikes

Brittany M. Hughes | September 13, 2022
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Inflation is now up 8.3% over this time last year, climbing another 0.1 percent between July and August and hitting Americans even harder in the crot- er, wallet.

According to the latest CPI numbers – that’s Consumer Price Index, a fun little chart with which all hardworking Americans are becoming painfully familiar – inflation under the Biden administration remains at historic 40-year highs, with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Despite hopes that a dramatic decrease in gas prices would offset any other price hikes, both the year-over-year and month-over-month rate in August are higher than economists were expecting, causing a predictable stock market tumble Tuesday and throwing cold water on any hopes that the feds may not raise interest rates - again - to try to forcibly cool demand. 

Grocery prices shot up another 0.7% in August for a total 113.5% 12-month increase. Housing is up 6.2% over this time last year. The cost of medical care rose another 0.8% between July and August, as did the overall price of a new car. But hey! Energy costs did drop about 5% this month, largely thanks to a decrease in gas prices (which is still about $3.71 a gallon, per AAA, and which still wasn't enough to offset overall inflation). 

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But despite the continued price hike, Biden hailed the latest numbers as “welcome news for American families.”

“Overall, prices have been essentially flat in our country these last two months: that is welcome news for American families, with more work still to do," he said in a statement following the latest report.

And you can take that to the bank – because Lord knows, you probably don’t have much cash to go along with it.