Indiana Woman Married To Child Predator Hosts Pole Dancing Lessons For Kids

Gabriel Hays | October 11, 2021
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Here’s something disturbing. An Indiana woman has been offering pole-dancing lessons to local children as young as six-years-old. But that’s not the worst of it. After doing some digging, internet sleuths discovered that the pole-dancing instructor is married to a convicted sex offender. 

Uh, this is what’s called a horrifying development.

Culture and politics outlet The Post Millennial covered the disturbing story about a pole-dancing advertisement for kids going viral in recent days. According to the site, social media users found several ads for “kids pole dancing classes” offered by Tiff’s Pole Fitness, a dance instruction company located in Jasper, Indiana.

According to the ads, shared by horrified Twitter users, Tiff’s Pole Fitness had been seeking kids between the ages of six and 12 to learn how to pole dance, an activity it billed as teaching children “dance and acrobatics.” 

Sure. It’s totally innocent, like when trophy wives were saying the stripper poles in their living rooms were "great exercise.”

Tiff’s is rationalizing like that for our kids. The ad stated, “Pole sport competitions start at age 6 +. Give your little ones a chance to be great competitors by getting them enrolled early in our KIDS POLE classes.”

Yeah “great competitors.” Because that’s all this is about -- cultivating a spirit of healthy competition.

And to assure parents that there’s nothing weird about this, Tiff’s flyer claimed children will only be taught “appropriate” pole dancing techniques. 

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“No worries …” they actually wrote, “Your child will be taught age appropriate pole sport techniques only.” Though the fact that Tiff’s had to explain means they have a hunch this probably doesn’t sit right with most people.

What’s an appropriate pole dance compared to an inappropriate pole dance?

The site called BS on this appeal to “appropriate” pole dancing, displaying another advert uncovered by a Facebook user in which Tiff’s Pole Fitness was offering “Flirty Flow Classes.” 

Yeah … that’s definitely inappropriate. 

But again, that’s not even close to the worst of it. Feminist news outlet 4W found out that Tiff’s Pole Fitness owner, Tiffany Huebner, is married to a child sex offender. The site reportedly used a criminal record database to discover that Huebner’s husband, Maxwell Huebner, had been convicted of “sexual misconduct with a minor” in 2009. He married Tiffany in 2019. 

Thankfully from the looks of it, 4W confirmed that Tiff’s Pole Fitness offers lessons at a building separate from their residence. But that really doesn’t give us much relief. This is probably the creepiest thing we’ve come across in a while. Neither of these people should be within 100 square miles of any child ever.


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