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Indiana Nurse Tweets That Sons of White Women 'Should Be Sacrificed'


Isn’t racism wonderful? It provides us with an example of the worst that society has to offer. The problem is that some of these bigots hold positions in which they are tasked to help the same people they hate.

Case in point is a nurse in Indiana who posted, on a now-deleted Twitter account, that she believes that “Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son.”

Here’s the deleted tweet:


Let’s see, racism and sexism from a person who supposedly opposes racism and sexism. Check and check. Has anyone else had just about enough of this modern feminist B.S.?

Why is it that every time a racial equality-supporting modern feminist preaches to the rest of us, it’s full of racist and sexist language? That’s because they’re too ignorant to realize that they are the main perpetrators of the very things they claim to hate.

The Indiana University Health nurse, Taiyesha Baker, reportedly doesn’t have a job anymore, but IU health isn’t saying why. They also do not use her actual name in any of their statements, citing company policy.

It certainly seems like Baker has a high “propensity” for being racist, and don’t forget sexist too.

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