Indiana High School Makes Online Students Attend a 'Virtual Fire Drill' For a Building They Aren't In

Brittany M. Hughes | August 20, 2020
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We’ve already reported on the insane in-class conditions some students are facing as they head back into their schools mid-COVID, where they’re being seated at desks separated by plastic dividers or being asked to bring their own lab equipment to avoid public use computers.

Now, one video on social media has revealed a whole new level of school stupidity – a virtual fire drill.

As in, a fire drill where students are told how to get out of a school building they aren’t even in.

In a video shared by radio host Jason Hammer, his son Christopher is sitting on his couch in his own home participating in Beach Grove High School's “virtual learning” curriculum, which includes a fire drill for a building he’s not actually in.

“Today we have a virtual fire drill where they are showing us where to walk out of a building that we are not in right now in case that building catches fire," Christopher explains, gesturing to a photo from the Indianapolis school showing the blueprints of the (currently empty) school building.

“This is a virtual fire drill. So in case the building that you are not in catches on fire, you here at home will know exactly what to do,” Hammer confirms.

“Yes,” Christopher answers.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Public education.


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