Independence Night in Chicago: 8 Killed, 31 Wounded

Nick Kangadis | July 5, 2017
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And you thought weekends in Chicago were bad.

Eight people were murdered and 31 others were wounded in shootings across the Chicagoland area during the night from 8 p.m. on Independence Day through early Wednesday morning.

One evening. Thirty-nine people shot. Eight of them dead. Madness.

Over the weekend, six people were murdered and 46 others were wounded from Friday evening into early Monday morning.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the total number of people shot from Friday afternoon to early Wednesday morning 101 people were shot with 15 of them dying from their wounds.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

The last time the Fourth holiday spanned four full days was in 2013, when July 4 fell on a Thursday and many people had Friday off.  At least 74 people were shot between Wednesday evening and early Monday that year, and 12 of them died, according to Tribune data[…]

But within hours, violence erupted in nearly every police district south of North Avenue, according to data kept by the Tribune.  At least 41 people were shot between 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Those numbers come out to just under three-and-a-half people shot per hour during the 12-hour timespan listed above.

One thing that police should probably take into account is that on Independence Day fireworks are constantly going off, and the gunfire from criminals across the Windy City could have been mistaken for the sound of some of the more powerful fireworks.

It’s a tough job for not only the CPD, but also for the FBI and ATF agents that have gone to Chicago to help attempt curb the violence across the city.

The Tribune also reported that the youngest person shot over the whole four day weekend was a 13-year-old boy. Although the boy is listed in fair condition, it’s become apparent that the gang bangers in Chicago, and criminals in general, don’t discriminate based on age.

Most of the shootings during Independence Day itself were reportedly confined to the South and West sides of the city.

The slow, but steady genocide in the city of Chicago sees no sign of slowing down, and it seems that holiday weekends just give these criminals an excuse to shoot more people.


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