Ind. Voter Fraud Investigation Now Spans Half the State

Brittany M. Hughes | October 11, 2016
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An investigation into potential voter fraud in Indiana has spread to 56 of the state's 92 counties, lending even further credibility to the three-fourths of voters with functional brain cells who think stricter voter I.D. laws make just a little bit of sense.

According to WBIW in Lawrence County, Ind., dozens of counties are being investigated by state officials even as the deadline to register to vote in the November election looms, ending at 11:59 on Tuesday night.

From the Indy Star, who reported on the potential fraud case five days ago when only nine counties were being investigated:

The investigation began in late August when police learned of the filing of fraudulent voter registration forms in Marion and Hendricks counties.

The investigation has expanded from Marion and Hendricks counties to include Allen, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson, Lake and Madison counties, according to a statement from State Police.

Police said the growing number of involved counties leads investigators to believe that the number of fraudulent records might be in the hundreds.

The possible fraudulent information is a combination of fake names, addresses and dates of birth with real information.

At the time the article was posted, Indianapolis authorities had just raided a local voter registration agency belonging to the Indiana Voter Registration Project. The group says it’s already completed more than 45,000 voter registration applications across the state in anticipation of this year’s election.

(Side note: The Indiana Voter Registration Project is a statewide voting push by Patriot Majority USA, a Democrat-led group whose website prominently features a hostile anti-Trump ad on its homepage, along with a petition to “Stop the Koch Agenda” and plenty of green energy propaganda.)

Despite the obvious fact that fraudulent voting could – and will – impact the November election on both national and state fronts, investigators said the “complexity of the investigation likely means that the work will continue until well after the November elections.”


As MRCTV reported yesterday, several states have been battling strong allegations of widespread voter fraud including reports of voter intimidation in Illinois, dead people having voted repeatedly in Colorado, and hundreds of deceased and non-citizen voters being illegally registered to vote across Virginia.

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