Incoming Dem Whip Says Her Children Woke Up With Nightmares About Climate Change

Brittany M. Hughes | December 5, 2022
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The other night, my three-year-old woke up crying because, as he told us in his half-waking delirium, “Marshall (from Paw Patrol) didn’t complete the mission.” Which, for a three-year-old, I’d say is a pretty par-for-the-course bad dream.

Others of us can recall having childhood nightmares about losing our parents in a store. Falling from a building. A scary clown under our beds. Or, apparently, dying in a global warming apocalypse.

That last one’s from soon-to-be House Democrat Whip Katherine Clark, who claimed on Meet the Press Sunday that one of her children used to wake up in the middle of the night from bad dreams about…climate change.

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“Lemme tell you what it means to me, coming in as a different generation,” the Massachusetts congresswoman said. “I remember my middle child waking waking up with nightmares over concern around climate change."

Listen, if your kid is waking up from nightmares about the polar ice caps melting and the planet drying up like a prune on a driveway in July, it’s not because your kid’s psyche is truly concerned about the global temperature eeking upwards by infinitesimal degrees.

It’s because you’re a crap parent who’s traumatized your children with ridiculous theories that suit your big government agenda.

You’re welcome for the free psychotherapy session.

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