IMF's Christine Lagarde Spurns Capitalism's Problems In Favor of Climate Change, Fixing 'Inequality' & Globalism

Nick Kangadis | May 6, 2019
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Globalism sucks. It’s just a nice way for socialists and communists to label their belief system that has never really been successful — well, other than being the root cause of the death of hundreds of millions of people.

Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), sat down recently to speak with Fox Business’ Gerry Baker at the Milken Conference in Los Angeles. The topic of the problems capitalism is currently facing came up and Lagarde almost dismissed the issue by saying that those problems won’t matter because “we will not be talking about that in 20 years’ time when the planet is completely gone.”

Lagarde went full SJW in her response, saying that capitalism won’t be able to sustain itself “with the level of inequality that we have around the world.”

Sure, it might be slightly more difficult to dictate your own situation in life if you live in countries that are more authoritarian in nature. But in countries that have decent levels of freedom, it’s incumbent upon the individual to determine whether they succeed in life or fail. At least in those societies that determination doesn’t fall upon the state or a larger governing body, like the European Union (EU).

If it weren’t enough that Lagarde brought up supposed “inequality,” she then regaled us with an inequality word salad:

And if those issues of inequality are not addressed, at multiple levels--both in opportunity in terms of focus on the excluded, in terms of people to have their roots and their culture secured and preserved, to feel respected and included, for women to be part of the game at all levels of societies, for investment,  public investment in particular but private investment as well, in health and education going forward-- then the system is going to be under threat on a continuous basis.

It's all well and good to want everyone, in every country, to "feel respected and included." But, as long as their practices remain within the law, the burden of worrying about how every single person feels about every situation shouldn't be the responsibility of business. It's when those companies seemingly violate people's rights, like the freedom of speech, where feelings should even enter a business equation. Businesses don't run on feelings, they run on the profits they make through growing their business.

Just in case it wasn’t clear where Lagarde stands in terms of ideology, she gave a rather concerning prediction.

“Globalism is not going to go away,” Lagarde said.

For Lagarde’s comments, watch the video at the top.

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