'Imaginary' Antifa Terrorists Attack Seattle & Portland, Smashed Up Dem HQ and Burned American & Biden Flags

Nick Kangadis | January 21, 2021
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Let’s not mince words, folks. The “myth” that is the far-left communists in the domestic terrorist group Antifa aren’t going away. They don’t just hate people who think right-of-center. They’re angry little people who are upset that the world doesn’t just give them everything they want and have a very small grasp on reality. Basically, they hate everyone that isn’t them.

Further evidence of that summation was Antifa’s actions in their typical stomping grounds — pun very much intended — of Portland and Seattle.

Antifa are such miserable human beings that after years of attacking supporters of former president Donald Trump, they’ve now set their sights on the administration that likes to pretend Antifa are nothing more than imaginary — the Biden administration.

In video posted to Twitter by New York Times correspondent Mike Baker, Antifa can be heard chanting “f**k Joe Biden” and even burning a Biden for President flag in the middle of a street.


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Oh, and just in case anyone still wants to push the narrative that Antifa is a “myth” or “imaginary,” they literally tell everyone who they are in the following video:

According to journalist Andy Ngo, who compiled Antifa’s actions on Wednesday from journalists all over Twitter, a courthouse in Seattle was vandalized, harassed people in their homes, attempted to attack an ICE facility in Portland, vandalized and broke windows in the original Seattle Starbucks location and smashed up the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters, among many other criminal acts:





And for good measure - because what Antifa "gathering" would be complete without it - they burned American flags in the streets and on the sidewalks:

Antifa are an enemy of the people — all people. The right has been warning people for years, but no one listened. Maybe people will listen now, but it’s highly doubtful.