'I'm Just Going to Work! Help Me!' GBI Looking into Footage of Sheriff's Deputy Seen Slamming Man on Pavement

Nick Kangadis | February 20, 2023
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Listen, I’m all for supporting local law enforcement. They have a thankless job. But, that doesn’t exclude their profession from employing some bad apples. And if we’re going by the optics of a local sheriff’s deputy’s dash-cam footage, it doesn’t look good for the officer.

The incident happened almost a year ago last March, but the video footage has been circulating online in the last week of a possible use of excessive force by Paulding County (Ga.) Sheriff’s Deputy Michael McMaster.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is currently looking into the excessive force claim now that the footage has gone viral, according to Fox 5 - Atlanta.

In the footage, we can see 30-year-old Tyler Canaris walking down the road around six in the morning on March 4, 2022 before he was stopped by McMaster. Canaris was confused about the stop, as well as McMaster’s order to put his hands behind his back without any explanation as to why. Canaris claimed he was simply walking to work.

As McMaster had Canaris leaning over the hood of the deputy’s vehicle, the officer then informed Canaris that there was reports of someone breaking into cars and that he fit the description.

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Canaris, once again, said he was simply on his way to work. That’s when McMaster gave a wrestling-style belly-to-back suplex to Canaris who could be heard making guttural noises after being slammed to the pavement.

“I’m just going to work!” Canaris could be heard grunting out.

“You dumb bastard,” Deputy McMaster said to Canaris.

“Oh, God! I’m just going to work!” Canaris could be heard saying. “Help me!”

Here’s the dash-cam footage of the incident. You be the judge:


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