Illinois Gov't Appeals Ruling Blocking Pritzker's Gun-Grab

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 26, 2023
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“The gears of government turn slowly” is an adage that often does not apply to government acquiring more power and crushing more rights. Case in point: the leftist Illinois Attorney General has appealed a court ruling that is less than a week old – a ruling that blocked enforcement of a gun-grab.

Mere days ago, I reported for MRCTV on Effingham County, Illinois, Judge Joshua Morrison Friday blocking enforcement of Democrat Governor JB Pritzker’s recently passed gun “ban,” the so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” – an act that, if enforced, would loose tax-funded cops on peaceful firearms owners.

Now, CBS Chicago reports that Democrat Governor JB Pritzker has loosed tax-funded Attorney General Kwame Raoul to appeal Morrison’s temporary restraining order in Illinois Appellate Court.

By the way, all of those offices are protected by armed, tax-funded guards.

As I noted in my earlier piece, Judge Morrison’s ruling pertained to 865 plaintiffs from 87 state counties who lined up behind lead plaintiff Accuracy Firearms of Effingham to request injunctive relief, blocking enforcement, and they argued the case on very narrow grounds, rather than on the bedrock natural right to self-defense and on the Second Amendment prohibition against any level of government infringing on the right to keep and bear arms.

Judge Morrison focused on procedural problems, agreeing with plaintiffs’ attorney Thomas DeVore, that the state did not pass the statute “properly," instead using amendments to mix new prohibitions in a manner not allowed in Illinois.

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As Cam Edwards reported last week for Bearing Arms:

“The judge believes that DeVore’s argument that the state violated its own ‘single subject’ rule is likely to win on the merits, pointing out that the ‘Protect Illinois Communities Act’ doesn’t just confine itself to firearms and magazines, but also has an item related to drug and human trafficking. Additionally, Morrison notes that the bill’s short description of the bill refers to it as dealing with ‘Insurance Code – Private Adjusters’, because that’s what the legislation was originally about before lawmakers gutted it and replaced it with their gun and magazine ban language in an attempt to speed it through the lame-duck session of the legislature.”

And Edwards reiterated that the Morrison ruling did not completely strike down the new gun-grab/magazine ban statute, but only protects the plaintiffs.

“One big caveat to Morrison’s ruling: it does NOT have the force of law throughout the entire state, or even all of Effingham County. The new law cannot be enforced against the 860-or-so plaintiffs at the moment, but that’s it.”

Now, Illinois Attorney General Raoul is using their tax cash to fight them in the tax-funded Illinois Appellate court.

The other AK-47 and AR-15 owners and sellers, and those who own or want to sell magazines that the politicians don’t like? They’re sitting ducks. Targeted.

It remains to be seen whether the appeals court in Illinois will approve of such tyranny, but anyone who has any understanding of basic human rights and US history can be sure that the Founders would not approve.

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