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Illegal Immigration Plummets 64% In the Month Of May


Illegal immigration at the Southwest U.S. border plummeted by nearly 64 percent during the month of May, compared to the same month last year.

According to data just released by Customs and Border Patrol, border agents reported catching just 14,535 illegal aliens attempting to cross the border illegally between ports of entry during May. That total reflects a drop of nearly two-thirds over last May, when 40,337 illegals were apprehended by then-President Obama’s border patrol.

In fact, this year saw the lowest number of illegal alien apprehensions during the month of May in the last 17 years, according to CBP data, which only shows monthly figures going back to 2000.

Of the 14,500 or so persons caught in May, CBP reports 1,493 were unaccompanied children, while another 1,577 were members of family units traveling with relatives. This means the vast majority –11,465 of them, to be exact – were adults traveling alone.

The number of illegal aliens caught in May was up slightly over April, when 11,126 persons were caught by border agents. Based on historical trends, May is typically the heaviest month for illegal immigration across the Mexico border due to the more temperate weather conditions of late Spring.

But while border agents did note a small spike in illegal immigration heading into the summer months this year, it’s nothing compared to what the month of May had been like on the Southwest border under the Obama administration. For example, in 2015, a total of 31,576 illegal aliens were apprehended in May alone – more than twice as many as were caught this year.

The year before, more than 60,000 were caught in that same 31-day timespan.

CBP reported that this May, another 5,432 persons were caught trying to pass through U.S. ports of entry without proper documentation.



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