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Illegal Immigration In July Drops 47% Under Trump


Illegal immigration at the Southwest U.S. border with Mexico dropped 47 percent this July compared to last year, according to new data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

CBP officials report that in July, a total of 18,198 illegal aliens were caught crossing the border unlawfully in between ports of entry, including 2,495 who identified as unaccompanied children and 3,397 who came across as part of a family unit.

Another 6,833 “inadmissable” aliens were apprehended at U.S. ports of entry along the border, bringing the total number of apprehensions to 25,031.

Based on monthly apprehension totals, July marked the busiest month for border agents since President Trump first took office in January, promising strengthened border security and heightened interior immigration enforcement. Illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border has ticked upward since April, when just under 16,000 illegal aliens were caught trying to cross the border unlawfully.

Between June and July, illegal alien apprehensions rose 16 percent.

While the well-publicized threat of deportation has actively discouraged illegal immigration at the border, border agents told MRCTV during a recent tour of the border that they're still processing border crossers exactly the same as they were during the Obama years -- meaning that those coming from countries other than Mexico who claim asylum in the United States are given a notice to appear in court, and are not immediately deported.

Even still, last month’s total apprehensions continued to be drastically lower than those seen during the Obama years. While technically the worst month for illegal immigration so far during Trump’s seven-month term, the 25,000 or so aliens apprehended in July of this year still reflect a 47 percent drop from the 33,723 illegal aliens caught during July of 2016.

CBP officials report that overall, year-to-date apprehension totals for FY 2017 are 22 percent lower those in FY 2016.

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