Illegal Alien Who Beat and Raped Three Women After Police Ignored ICE Detainer Gets 80 Years

Brittany M. Hughes | August 22, 2018
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An illegal alien – no, not the one who just allegedly murdered Mollie Tibbetts, a different one – was just sentenced to 80 years in prison after being found guilty of raping and beating three women between 2015 and 2016.

And if that weren’t bad enough, here’s the real kicker: all three rapes occurred after this guy was let out of prison after local authorities ignored his fugitive warrant issued by immigration officials back in 2012.

Miguel C. Luna, 37, a Mexican national who was living illegally in Joliet, Illinois, admitted to beating and raping two women along the I&M Canal State Trail, as well as a third woman who has passed away since the incident occurred. Luna was arrested in 2016 and pled guilty last May.

And, according to this report by the Chicago Tribune, the judge who just sentenced him was pissed, saying he didn’t understand why Luna wasn’t deported back in 2012 when Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued his fugitive warrant.

“You shouldn’t have been in this country,” [Judge David] Carlson told Luna. “The system let the victims down in this case.”

…“You were free to do these acts...whether through misguided political correctness or people who do not believe in laws or borders,” Carlson said. “One thing I can do with the sentence is show that the laws we believe in here, maybe this won’t happen again, maybe that’s a little bit of closure.”

Unfortunately for these three women and countless others, parts of Illinois, including Chicago, have long been touted as so-called “sanctuary cities” for criminal aliens, where local law enforcement agencies refuse or are prohibited from cooperating with ICE in the handing over of criminal illegal aliens for deportation proceedings.

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