Illegal Alien Stabs a Guy In the Neck For Asking Him Not to Pee in Public


An illegal alien from El Salvador repeatedly stabbed a man with a box cutter for suggesting he stop urinating openly at a public bus stop.

According to this, eyewitnesses told police that 46-year-old Salvador Gomez-Lopez began relieving himself at a public bus stop in Montgomery County, Maryland, in full view of other passengers. When a man approached him and simply asked him to use a bathroom instead, the Salvadoran grabbed a blade from his backpack and proceeded to stab the stranger in the neck, face and stomach. The victim was able to wrestle the box cutter away, but not before getting sliced to ribbons in the process.

After arriving at the scene, police said Gomez-Lopez was drunk, belligerent and gave them a fake name. He was finally identified as an illegal alien from El Salvador, and has been placed under an ICE detainer. He’s reportedly been working odd maintenance jobs and has two children in the U.S.

Perhaps most interestingly, this incident occurred on Nov. 30 – more than two full months ago. But none of us heard about it until now, because illegal aliens running around stabbing Americans in the throat apparently just isn’t newsworthy.

Local reports say Gomez-Lopez is looking at up to 38 years in prison for first-degree assault, second-degree assault and carrying a dangerous weapon with the intent to injure. His court date is set for April, and he’s currently being held in a local jail (which we’re paying for, by the way).

But yes, all illegal aliens are simply hardworking people who want to give their children good lives and would never hurt a fly, and our not knowing who they are presents no problem whatsoever.

Pay no attention to that man peeing on the curtain.

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