Illegal Alien Arrested For Selling Her Baby For $2,000 To Two Other Illegal Aliens


An illegal alien woman from Guatemala who was living in Kentucky has been arrested for selling her infant to two other illegal aliens for $2,000.

Fox News reports Maria Domingo Perez, 31, was arrested in Bowling Green for selling the baby to Pascual Jose Manuel and Catarina Felipe Jose, who admitted to police that they’d paid Domingo Perez $2,000 for the baby. ICE confirmed to WKRN that all three adults involved are citizens of Guatemala and were living illegally in the United States, adding that Domingo Perez was in immigration proceedings at the time of her arrest.

Domingo Perez was arrested after someone at Parker Bennett Curry Elementary School in Bowling Green called police and reported that the baby was no longer in the home. While investigating the tip, police say the woman changed her story numerous times before finally admitting she had sold the baby to Jose Manuel and Felipe Jose, a couple she said she did not know beforehand. The baby had reportedly been born in October, according to police.


All three have been charged with selling or purchasing a child for adoption, which is a felony. Police also removed Domingo Perez's four other children following her arrest and placed them in protective custody by social services along with the infant. 

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