Illegal Alien Arrested For Raping a 12-Year-Old Girl At a Home Daycare

Brittany M. Hughes | April 12, 2017
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An illegal alien who’d previously been deported was just arrested for repeatedly sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl at a home daycare run by his girlfriend.

WJLA in Washington, D.C. reports:

A man who had been deported from the U.S. has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl five times at a home daycare at the house where he lived in Herndon, police say.

Fairfax County Police say Oscar Perez Rangel, 40, of Herndon was a "previously deported felon" who was in the country illegally. He is charged with three counts of felony animate object sexual penetration and two counts of felony aggravated sexual battery in connection with the abuse of the girl between October and December 2016.

WJLA added that “Rangel is being held in the Fairfax County jail without bond and police are working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and say they will turn Rangel over to ICE at some point in the future.”

That's a smart move for the county, but one that’s coming too little, too late for Rangel’s 12-year-old victim. Located a mere half hour from the nation’s capital, Fairfax County is home to a large number of illegal aliens, including more than 4,000 unaccompanied children who’ve been placed there since FY 2014. Social justice groups made a point to pass out leaflets in Fairfax County suburbs back in February, instructing illegal aliens to “not open doors,” “remain silent” and “take notes of badge numbers” if immigration officials knock on their doors.

County officials have also recently voiced concern that President Donald Trump’s ramped-up immigration enforcement policies might erode trust in law enforcement and actually spur an increase in crime.

Turns out that letting an illegal alien stay in the country without ramifications doesn’t help, either.   

This is hardly the first time Fairfax County has struggled with crime committed by illegal aliens. In February, six MS-13 members, many of whom were in the country illegally, were arrested for murdering a Fairfax man.

Just last December, 15-year-old Damaris Rivas was kidnapped, assaulted and murdered in an industrial park in Fairfax by members of MS-13, who law enforcement officials say are actively recruiting among the thousands of recently-placed unaccompanied children in the area.