Illegal Alien Arrested For Decapitating the Family Cat and Displaying Its Head On a Stick

Brittany M. Hughes | April 28, 2020
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An illegal alien living in Florida has been arrested in Clearwater, Florida on charges of animal cruelty after he allegedly decapitated a cat and put its severed head on a stick.

Joshua Daniel Pena-Cedillo, 22, was arrested Thursday and charged with felony animal cruelty after police say he cut off the head of the family cat and displayed it on a post in his backyard. According to authorities, Pena-Cedillo told them he’d first tried to strangle the cat, named Cinnamon, and suffocate it with a plastic bag. After that failed, he took an axe and chopped the animal’s head off. He then put the head on a stick and displayed it in his backyard next to another stick that had the head of a stuffed animal on it.

He told police he killed the cat to “show what he was capable of to someone he was living with,” per the Tampa Bay Times.

Pena-Cedilla was booked in a local jail and is being held without bond under an immigration detainer, indicating that he was living in the United States illegally at the time of his arrest.