IL Residents Report Being Offered Bribes For Voting Democrat

Brittany M. Hughes | October 10, 2016
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There's a mere four weeks left to go before the presidential election, and the allegations of voter fraud just. Keep. Coming.

The Kankakee Daily Journal, a local newspaper in a county just south of Chicago, reported last week that several citizens in the small county reported they were offered bribes in return for casting votes for Democrats. Voting officials were also looking into reports that some mail-in voter applications had been filed from outside the county.

From the article:

The Kankakee County State's Attorney's office says it is investigating possible voting fraud after the clerk's office reported three complaints from people who said they were offered bribes for votes.

In a news release issued late Tuesday afternoon, Jamie Boyd, the state's attorney, also said "several" vote-by-mail applications seem to have come from people living outside of Kankakee County.

"This unprecedented action was taken in response to reports of individuals from Chicago offering gifts to potential voters in exchange for a vote for Kate Cloonen, Hillary Clinton and others," Boyd said in the news release. "Our office takes seriously the obligation to protect the rights of citizens to vote for the candidate of their choice, and to do so without undue influence from special interest groups.

"The investigation will also focus on the authenticity of vote by mail requests. Several applications have been filed with the election authority that appear to be fraudulently executed."

The report closely followed allegations of voter fraud in Virginia, where at least 20 dead people were illegally registered to vote by a James Madison student working for a local voter registration group called HarrisonburgVOTES. The Washington Free Beacon reported the group is run by one Joe Fitzgerald, the chairman of his local Democratic Committee, and that the student, Andrew Spieles, is also a registered Democrat.

Additionally, the Virginia Voters Alliance and the Public Interest Legal Foundation found that at least 1,046 non-U.S. citizens across eight districts had voted in the 2012 presidential election.

Cases of voter fraud have also popped up in Colorado, where it was revealed late last month that slews of dead people had voted in local, state and national elections going back several years. And while paperwork errors or backlogs might explain why a person’s name appears on a voter registration list after they’ve passed, it certainly doesn’t explain how they actually voted.

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