Ignorant Female Army Soldier Questions Loyalty to U.S. After Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Nick Kangadis | July 11, 2022
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When activists infiltrate your country’s military, you can expect a weaker, less successful military in the coming years. And when soldiers use an enemy country’s social media platform, TikTok, in order to display their dismay and question their own loyalty to the country they serve, then one begins to wonder whether a good portion of said military need to be overhauled.

In the wake of the death of Roe v. Wade, a female U.S. Army soldier posted a video to Chinese government-operated social media platform, TikTok. In the video, the soldier expressed her disgust with her own country, the U.S., after the Supreme Court overturned the extremely poorly written Roe v. Wade, effectively sending the abortion decision back to individual states.

However, if you asked this soldier, she’d most likely tell you that her country turned their back on her.

“How am I supposed to wake up every day and put on a freaking uniform that says United States Army when the United States doesn't even give a rat's ass about me?” the solider asked during her nearly three minute rant.

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As noted by The Post Millennial, “In 2019, the Army advised soldiers not to use TikTok on government-owned phones, citing national security risks from the Chinese app. China-based employees also have access to US user data."

So videos like these by spoiled, entitled people — like this soldier — only help out the Communist Chinese government (CCP) in continuing to find ways to aid in the weakening of American society.

The solider commented how she had just signed an extension to her service just a week prior to the overturning, and now questions how she’s supposed to “swear to support and defend the Constitution and a country that treats its women like second-class citizens.”

Well, she signed a contract. She could get out of that contract, but she’ll most likely be dishonorably discharged — and rightfully so — all because of how ignorant she clearly is about how good women have it in the U.S.

This woman, who claims she’s a medic in the Army, put this video completely based on emotion out without thinking about the possible repercussions of her actions. And while she’s more than entitled to her opinion, the fact that she put the video out on an enemy country’s social media platform adds to the ignorance of her stance.


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