If Taliban Sticks to Its End of Peace Deal, All U.S. Troops Could Be Out of Afghanistan in 14 Months

Nick Kangadis | March 2, 2020
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There will never fully be peace in the Middle East. But, could there at least be a little peace? Possibly if everything falls into place concerning the deal struck between the United States and the Taliban.

According to the Military Times, if the Taliban meets their commitments per the deal, the U.S. could have all troops withdrawn from Afghanistan in 14 months.

The Times reported:

There are about 13,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, with that number set to draw down to about 8,600 in the coming weeks. Further drawdowns are to depend on the Taliban meeting certain counter-terrorism conditions, compliance that will be assessed by the United States.

During a press conference to address the issue of coronavirus, [President Donald] Trump said troops would start coming home from Afghanistan “today.” Officials from the Pentagon, U.S. Central Command and Resolute Support headquarters could not immediately be reached for a response.

The U.S. should leave Afghanistan either way. What has being in that place for so long done in a positive manner for this country? It's been known that the U.S. still has troops in Afghanistan, but I had no idea there were still that many there. It’s time to leave a lot of countries, to be honest. Yes, we should continue to go after terrorists who want to kill Americans, but it should also be the responsibility of the countries that harbor terrorists to take care of business.

Heck, if you left it up to me, I’d have the U.S. leave the United Nations (UN) as well.

Let’s just hope that the Taliban can keep it together for longer than a year.

Here's video of the peace deal being signed:


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