If The Media Covered Planned Parenthood Like It Covers Guns

Eric Scheiner | October 23, 2017
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Remember how CNN used that AR-15 animation recently to incorrectly demonstrate a bump-stock by showing an adjustable butt-stock?

Sure you do – the one where the AR-15 was equipped with a silencer and a grenade launcher. For a refresher, you can watch CNN's video below.


What if they covered the actions of Planned Parenthood with the same vigor? We think the coverage might resemble this video below.



A transcript of the segment might look a little something like this:

This is what experts say was used in the latest killing spree.

It’s a Planned Parenthood – partially funded by the government.

Heralded by many pro-choicers as their right, it is basically fully automatic - killing 899 babies every day, snuffing out a life every 97 seconds.

Some have noted its unique, targeting ability killing 266 black babies each day.

It has a $554 million dollar fungible ammunition clip. This allows for fast monetary reloading, this item is completely funded on the backs of taxpayers.

Planned Parenthood has also been equipped in some areas with silencers, preventing the visuals available in an ultrasound to be seen.

And Congressional reports have actually shown that additional parts are being used with this machine. Eyes, livers, brains, and limbs of babies sold for extra income, these additional parts and funding help keep this weapon active.

Many lawmakers have claimed, they would at least like to see taxpayer funding for these machines be eliminated, but Planned Parenthood has a powerful lobby and some claim lawmakers are simply afraid to stand up to them.

In fact, Planned Parenthood has fought attempts by state and local lawmakers to introduce common sense reforms like, a waiting period – and that’s why this is available on our streets – and why many claim the death toll is rising.


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