Idaho Passes Life-Saving Laws! Lefties SCREAM

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 15, 2022
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Nothing angers the left like live babies.

Abortion in Idaho will become illegal on August 25 due to a near-total abortion ban decided on August 12. Planned Parenthood chapters in Idaho sent three lawsuits to Idaho courts to try and block the states abortion bans but the court has blocked them for now. Babies' lives will be spared.

The first lawsuit aimed to stop Idaho's law that would criminalize abortion. Another lawsuit challenged Idaho’s six week abortion ban and another was against Idaho’s law that would let family members of an aborted baby sue healthcare professionals who conduct their relatives' slaughter, The New York Times reported.  

The decision Aug. 12 determined that Idaho’s pro-life laws could take effect even while the lawsuits are pending. Idaho court indicated that “it declined to implement the pause on the abortion ban because Planned Parenthood’s lawyers didn’t demonstrate a substantial likelihood that their argument would be successful,” Idaho Statesman reported

Basically, Planned Parenthood was full of crap and the court noticed.

For now, it’s a win in Idaho. While pro-lifers celebrate this current victory, pro-death(ers) threw tantrums in protest.

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Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Idaho, Terri Pickens Manweiler, shared her clear distaste for life. Voters should take note before casting their vote this fall.

She also called life-saving laws “draconian and cruel.” 

Ah, yes! The laws that aim to stop the tearing apart of limbs and the murder of innocent children are draconian. That makes total sense. 

David Roth, the “ONLY openly gay U.S. Senate Nominee,” got very confused about Idaho’s pro-life stance. Roth argued that the abortion bans would “cost lives,” when in actuality, they aim to save them.

Planned Parenthood's Kate Smith went all dystopian comic book.

The cringe is real. 

While it’s a win right now for the babies in Idaho, it appears that leftie lunatics will stop at nothing to normalize baby killing. Hopefully their brainwashed heads will come back to reality soon and realize the vile truth about abortion.

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