ICYMI: New CA Law Lets Kids Have Abortions/Sex Change Without Parents’ Consent

Gabriel Hays | October 6, 2021
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California is practically begging to get the fire and brimstone treatment from on high. Just look at the latest bills signed by the state’s Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA).

The worst governor in America is working overtime to hold onto his title having signed two healthcare bills, one of which allows children to make decisions about getting an abortion or sex change without telling their parents or guardian.

Yup, you read that right. Included in Newsom’s putrid ambitions for his state are to let kids keep their abortions or transgender operations private from the primary policyholders of those kids’ health insurance. 

Californians really should have given Newsom the boot while they had the chance.

According to The Washington Examiner, the governor -- who recently went through a recall election (because he does insane crap like this) -- signed the two bills on September 22.

The first bill, AB 1356, is obnoxious in its own right, protecting the people going in and out of abortion mills. The outlet reported that “it will create new offenses arising from recording or photographing patients or providers within 100 feet of the entrance to a reproductive health services facility.” 

Yeah, let's create more privacy for child killers. We wouldn’t want them more uncomfortable as they go in to take the life of innocent children. 

As if that’s not bad enough, the second bill, AB 1184, “will keep patient information confidential for patients who are not the primary policyholder for their health insurance.”

Well, that’s creepy. Now parents have even less discretion over their children. This has shocking implications. A statement from the governor specifies that this bill will provide confidentiality for dependents who receive “reproductive health care and gender-affirming care.”

Ah, so the governor would like it so that a child can get an abortion, the cornerstone operation of “reproductive health care,” or mutilate their body without telling the person who pays for their insurance and is responsible for their health and well-being. This is insane. These decisions are life-altering. Any operation is life-threatening with possible complications after, and both procedures will likely cause lifelong pain and trauma for the person.

These are decisions that any parent should discourage. And at the very least the parent should be able to help the child make these horrible decisions and know how to offer support afterwards. But it seems like Newsom and the state recognize that mom and dad might make it harder for Planned Parenthood to keep up its kill count, or might discourage their 6-year-old from a sex change.

What’s more is that Newsom is doing this to up the progressive ante, since other states like Texas have instituted new pro-life laws and bills to protect children from dangerous, irreversible medical intervention.

He said himself, “California has been a leader in protecting access to sexual and reproductive rights, but as we’ve seen recently with unprecedented attacks on these rights, we can and must do more.” Dude, that doesn’t mean you have to get extreme and weird with it.

According to ChristianHeadlines.com, “The new law passed the Assembly, 61-14, and the Senate, 29-8.” What a tragedy.

A young child and the woke state should not be the only deciders on a sex change. And what about a young girl getting an abortion because she thinks her parents won’t support her? Perhaps if her parents knew and could provide her support, she might not kill her baby.

But the government wouldn't like that now, would it?

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