ICE Issues Report Showing Real Consequences of Sanctuary Policies

John Romero | July 17, 2019

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) following an executive order from the White House compiled a report showing what happens when localities refuse to help ICE deport illegal aliens.

ICE writes in the overview, "While many jurisdictions across the country cooperate with ICE’s detainers and work closely with the agency to ensure the safety of local communities, in some cases, state or local laws, ordinances, or policies restrict or prohibit cooperation between local law enforcement and ICE. Additionally, some jurisdictions willfully decline to honor ICE detainers and refuse to timely notify ICE of an alien’s release, and may do so even when an alien has a criminal record. Unfortunately, a number of aliens who have been released under these circumstances have gone on to commit additional crimes, including violent felonies."

"ICE maintains that most of these crimes could have been prevented if ICE had been able to assume custody of these aliens and remove them from the country in accordance with federal immigration laws," the report reads.

How this works is when ICE finds out an illegal alien has been detained, they typically issue a retainer, asking the jail to hold the individual for custody transfer and eventual deportation.

The problem is that radical progressive areas of the country like California, New Jersey, Colorado, and Illinois refuse to assist ICE officials with the detention and deportation illegal aliens -- many of whom, as this report shows, go on to commit more crimes.

According to the Declined Detainer Report, from just January 2018 to March 2018, ICE identified 15 individuals where detainers were not honored and the illegals were released only to commit further crimes or to remain at-large. All these examples come from California.

One such example was a 30-year-old Mexican national arrested for drug possession. A detainer was issued but ignored and that same individual would later be arrested for murder.

One 23-year-old was arrested 10 times for various crimes ranging from vehicle theft, burglary, and evading police. A 28-year-old Mexican national was arrested for violating his probation. Again the retainer was ignored and the same illegal alien would be arrested for rape. A 25-year-old Mexican national was arrested for DUI three different times and all three times ICE retainers were ignored. There are multiple others that can be found in the new ICE report

The report also stresses that federal immigration officials only are able to identify detainers not being honored when the illegal alien recommits a crime. So this report does not count those illegal aliens who commit crimes for the first time. 

(Cover Photo: ICE / Flickr)