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ICE To Cali.: 'No Sanctuary From Federal Law Enforcement'


The acting director of ICE, Thomas Homan, is warning California Gov. Jerry Brown to expect an increased presence of federal law enforcement.

“Well look if he thinks he’s protecting the immigrant community, he’s doing quite the opposite, because if you think ICE is going away, we’re not,” Homan told Fox News.



Homan’s comments follow California officially becoming a “sanctuary state” in 2018.

“There’s no sanctuary from federal law enforcement, as a matter of fact, we’re in the process now, I’m going to significantly increase our enforcement presence in California,” he added.

“We’re already doing it. We’re going to detail additional enforcement assets to California.” 

“California better hold on tight, they’re about to see a lot more special agents. A lot more deportation orders in the state of California. If the politicians in California don’t want to protect their communities, than ICE will.”

If sanctuary states and cities won’t cooperate with ICE officials, Homan says the Department of Justice should get involved.

“The Department of Justice needs to do a couple things. Number one they need to file charges against the sanctuary cities. Number two they need to hold back their funding.”


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