ICE Busts Stash House With 39 Illegals Trapped In 114-Degree Heat


Immigration officials busted a human stash house used to smuggle illegal aliens this week, discovering 39 people trapped in 114-degree heat with little to no water.

But yes, please tell me more about how illegal immigration is wonderful and compassionate.

ICE noted in a press release that the illegal aliens found in the stash house were from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. They noted all individuals had been given medical treatment and are now being processed for entering the country illegally.

ICE also arrested a U.S. citizen for human smuggling.

It’s common practice throughout border communities for human smugglers to use stash houses to hold and transport illegal aliens across the border. Facilities are typically cramped, filthy, hot and dangerous, where illegal aliens – particularly women and children – are often exposed to sexual abuse, theft and assault.

And as long as the U.S. border remains open for business (literally), the problem’s getting worse. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agent Robert Rodriguez reported earlier this month that border patrol has already busted 92 stash houses and apprehended 1,030 illegal aliens this fiscal year alone – and that’s just in the Rio Grande Valley sector.

That’s a hefty spike over last year, when 838 illegal aliens were caught in 61 stash houses.

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