'I Honored My Oath': Swalwell Shifts Blame For His Relationship With a Chinese Spy On Those Who Broke the Story

Sergie Daez | March 17, 2021
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Eric Swalwell’s relationship with Chinese spy Fang Fang is positively cinematic.

In fact, it sounds like the plot of an old James Bond film. Naturally, Swalwell doesn’t see it that way, especially since his involvement with Fang is grounds for dismissal from the House Intelligence Committee. On Tuesday, the California congressman took to MSNBC on Tuesday to defend himself - by pointing the finger at everyone else.

In the interview, he blamed the intelligence members who revealed his compromising situation with Fang of violating their oaths.

“I honored my oath to national security by not talking about a top-secret case,” Swalwell told host Ari Melber, “but the three individuals in the intelligence community who leaked this and Kevin McCarthy, who continues to politicize this, they are not.”

It’s hilarious how Swalwell describes his attempts to suppress his scandalous actions as an honoring of his “oath to national security.”

Chinese spy Fang Fang fundraised for Swalwell’s re-election campaign in 2014, according to Axios. Tucker Carlson reported that Fang was Swalwell’s regular companion, and the two had purportedly been sleeping together. The Federal Bureau of Investigation had been surveilling her at the time when she suddenly returned to China in 2015. 

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Swalwell also brought up more spurious claims linking Republican politicians to Russia to divert attention from his own transgressions, insisting that the FBI “have repeatedly said there was no wrongdoing and only cooperation on my part."

"I’d like to see that from some of the individuals like Sen. Johnson and Devin Nunes who have continued to side with Russia over America," he deflected.

Additionally, Swalwell appears to believe that having a personal relationship with a spy for a hostile government shouldn’t exclude him from matters of national intelligence, claiming that any attempt to boot him from the House Intelligence Committee is merely revenge.

“But I’ll just leave it at this, five — six years ago, the Gang of Eight was briefed on this, including every Republican leader, and no one said a thing, including Devin Nunes,” Swalwell said. “It’s only about payback right now because of my role in the impeachment proceedings and holding the president accountable. And I think people see through that.”

Swalwell never once admitted to any wrongdoing with regards to his relationship with Fang, and clearly, the Democrat Party’s calls for accountability don’t extend to their own members.

And as usual, the liberal media is willing to provide a platform for their excuses.

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