‘I Did Something Bad’: Climate Friend Taylor Swift Ranks 1st in Celeb Carbon Emissions, The Internet Isn't Giving Her a Pass

Patrick Taylor | August 2, 2022
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Looks like pop singer Taylor Swift has landed in climate trouble, but that’s what happens when you’re usually full of hot air!

According to a list from data analytics group Yard, a U.K.-based sustainability marketing firm, Swift was the number one offender in celebrity private jet carbon emissions, and the Internet has hilariously dunked on Swift and her jet-setting lifestyle.

According to the list, Swift produced the most CO2 this year, with her jet taking an astronomical 170 flights since January, with an average flight time of only 80 minutes. Her shortest flight in 2022 took a mere 36 minutes, and her total jet emissions were a whopping 8,293.54 tons, per the study.

Joining her on the list were celebrities like runners-up Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Kim Kardashian.

Swift, like many private jet-owning celebrities, has framed herself as a devoted climate change activist and nature lover. Swift’s alleged climate change convictions were an influence on her 2020 politically colored song, “Only The Young,” and the singer lamented in a Variety interview that young people would “feel the worst effects” of issues like global warming.

In the wake of the revelations, Swift’s response basically boiled down to “Don’t Blame Me.” The celebrity’s representative said her jet is “loaned out regularly,” as if that would make a difference.

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As soon as the story hit social media, there was an instantaneous pile-on.

Many posted videos imagining Swift performing everyday tasks while using as much jet fuel as humanly possible.



One Twitter user fielded a guess about what Swift’s driveway might look like based on the recent data.

Others took a look back at Swift lyrics related to jets that we may not have noticed.

There’s no doubt that Swift is getting plenty of bad press in the wake of the jet revelations, but something tells me she’ll be able to shake it off.


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