'I Can Vote In Ohio ... My Licence Plate Says New York'

kpicket | October 17, 2008
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By Kerry Picket Voter fraud has been getting much attention this election cycle, as ACORN and its members fall under scrutiny. In the meantime, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has defied election law.  The AP explains:
Brunner previously cross-checked new-voter registrations with databases run by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle and the Social Security Administration and made the results available online, but the 6th Circuit said the information was not accessible in a way that would help county election boards ferret out mismatches. Brunner, a Democrat, told The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer on Wednesday that she is concerned the court decision is a veiled attempt at disenfranchising voters. Brunner said she'll urge counties not to force these people to use provisional ballots. The court gave Brunner until Friday to get election boards the information but it was unclear whether that deadline would be met. The court set no penalty for missing the deadline. County election officials were trying to determine Wednesday how they will respond once they get the information. "I'm very concerned with these new requirements as we get closer to Election Day," said Steve Harsman, director of the Montgomery County Board of Elections in Dayton. He said his staff already is working 16 hours a day, seven days a week.
The state GOP took Brunner to court over this issue. The case eventually reached the Ohio State Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the state GOP. Brunner has appealed her case to the U.S. Supreme Court, which has tossed out the ruling and issued a stay. President Bush won Ohio in 2004 by 118,457 votes, so it is not surprising that Democrats like Brunner are trying their hardest to obstruct the GOP from making her do the job she is supposed to do. Two-hundred thousand new Ohio voter registrations may have mismatched data. About 666,000 Ohioans have registered to vote since January. Daniel Hemel of Scarsdale, New York has the same "catch me if you can" attitude as Brunner. Hemel, a graduate of Harvard University Fox News Channel's sister network, Palestra.net, why he can "legally" vote in Ohio, even though he is not really a resident of the state. Democrats seem to be silent on instances like Hemel, Brunner, and further ACORN cases that continue to surface. However, if Obama is as far ahead as the Democrats are reporting, why would people like Hemel and Brunner openly buck the system in the first place?