‘I Call Bull Crap’ – Rep. Boebert On Impeachment: Democrats ‘Only Unified In Hate’

Eric Scheiner | January 13, 2021
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Rep. Lauren Boebert  (R-CO) sounded off on the House floor as discussions on a resolution to impeach the president were under way Wednesday afternoon.

“I rise today to oppose this impeachment and denounce the recent violence on the Capitol, just as I oppose the previous impeachment and the violence we've all witnessed all summer long across our great country,” Boebert said.

“Make no mistake here, the hypocrisy of the Left is on full display.”

Boebert went on to use quotes from Democrats to make her case.

“'Go to the Hill, get in the face of some congress people. We've got to fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. Take him - go and take Trump out tonight.' Sound familiar?”

“What about the gentlewoman from New York who defended the looting, by saying looters 'just wanted loaves of bread.'” Well, the last I checked Best Buy and Tesla and stores of the like do not produced baked goods.”

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“Where is the accountability for the Left after encouraging and normalizing violence rather than actually helping American people.

At this time, we start impeachments that further divide our country? I call bull crap. When I hear the Democrats demanding unity, sadly, they are only unified in hate.”

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