The Hysteria Continues: Yale Students, Faculty and Alumni Warn ‘People Will Die’ if Kavanaugh’s Confirmed

Monica Sanchez | July 13, 2018

There has been nothing but hysterics from the Left over President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

“From mocking his name to slamming him for once having credit card debt and accusing him of having white privilege because he eats spaghetti with tomato sauce (no, seriously, it happened), the media simply will not leave Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in peace – and the man’s only been in the national spotlight for about four days,” reported MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes. “In fact, it took all of a few minutes for the media to go from critiquing Donald Trump's SCOTUS pick to flat-out trashing him – even over some Washington Nationals tickets he'd purchased over the last 10 years.”

And it’s not just the media. From the way politicians and celebrities have reacted to Kavanaugh’s nomination, you would think the world was ending.

Hillary Clinton, for example, implied on Friday that Kavanaugh's appointment to the bench could lead the U.S. back to the days of slavery, MRCTV reported.

Now comes news of an open letter penned by students, faculty, and alumni from Kavanaugh’s alma mater Yale, condemning the judge and stoking fear that “people will die” as a result of his confirmation.

The letter begins by criticizing Yale Law School for issuing a press release following news of Kavanaugh’s nomination by President Trump which boasted of the jurist's many accomplishments. The authors accuse the school of only caring about “its proximity to power and prestige”:

The school’s post included quotes from Yale Law School professors about Judge Kavanaugh’s intellect, influence and mentorship of their students. Yet the press release's focus on the nominee's professionalism, pedigree, and service to Yale Law School obscures the true stakes of his nomination and raises a disturbing question:

Is there nothing more important to Yale Law School than its proximity to power and prestige?

How dare Yale Law School talk of Kavanaugh's "professionalism, pedigree, and service." 

The letter goes on to call Kavanaugh’s nomination “an emergency — for democratic life, for our safety and freedom, for the future of our country” and Kavanuagh himself “a threat to the most vulnerable," including the authors of the letter, who so humbly admit they, too, are privileged but threatened by the nomination all the same.

“Without a doubt, Judge Kavanaugh is a threat to the most vulnerable. He is a threat to many of us, despite the privilege bestowed by our education, simply because of who we are,” the letter reads.

The authors list Kavanaugh’s past rulings on cases involving abortion, healthcare, environmental regulation, religion in public life, and immigration as reasons for concern. They go on to attack him as "an intellectually and morally bankrupt ideologue intent on rolling back our rights and the rights of our clients."

They go a step further and question his commitment “to law and justice” altogether, saying his degrees and clerkships, while prestigious, do not qualify him for such an appointment.

The letter ends with a call for “moral courage” by Yale Law School. 

“Now is the time for moral courage — which for Yale Law School comes at so little cost,” they write. “Perhaps you, as an institution and as individuals, will benefit less from Judge Kavanaugh’s ascendent power if you withhold your support. Perhaps Judge Kavanaugh will be less likely to hire your favorite students.”

“But people will die if he is confirmed,” the letter concludes.

Attacks on Kavanaugh will likely intensify as the fight for his confirmation ensues.

Republicans hope to have Kavanaugh confirmed before the Supreme Court’s next session in October and the congressional elections in November.

Several Democrats have vowed to oppose his nomination.

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